£19 per month
Get your business website with your branding!
Etikbee Pro
Etikbee Pro is designed for businesses which are listing their products & service on Etikbee while looking to upgrade to a custom and branded website with advanced e-commerce features and accessible via a custom 'www.*' domain name.
Pro website examples:
Phones, laptops & repair
Electronic Ltd
Bikes for sale & repair
Bike Ltd
Furniture for rent
Furniturent Ltd
Furniture for sale
Furniture Ltd
Restaurant Ltd
Selling groceries
Grocery Ltd
Selling seafoods
Fishmonger Ltd
What's included?
  • £19 per month (excl. VAT) including UK hosting & support, with no set-up fees, no upfront payment and no minimum term contract. Simple and accessible!
  • a branded e-commerce website which is optimised for mobile & desktop
  • the products & services that you listed on your Etikbee store will automatically be displayed on your branded website
  • vice versa, the products & services that you will list on your branded website will automatically be displayed on Etikbee.com bringing new customers and additional revenue to your business
  • a fully managed service: we create your e-commerce website so that you can focus on your business; if in the future you need any changes, we will implement it
  • list products for sale, for rent and services and manage inventory
  • view all features
Optional services
Domain name from £12 per year We buy and configure your dedicated domain name (e.g. www.any.com).
The price depends on the domain name that you would like. Standard domain names with .uk & .com are about £12 per year.
Pro email £29 one-off payment We configure professional email addresses using your domain name.
For example: info@any.com
List items £5 per listed item We list your products & services on your e-commerce website, saving you time.
Advert campaign from £149 per week We prepare and launch an advertisement campaign for your business. It is about £149 per week on Facebook & Instagram; £199 per week on Google.
Request your e-commerce website
We will prepare your website within 48h and send you a link for you to review.
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